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weight loss


Lose unwanted body fat in a healthy and sustainable way by providing your body with the tools to succeed.

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Improve lean mass, cardio vascular health and functional strength.

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Eating whole foods that revitalize and feed your cells and that will ignite your energy.

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Fall asleep easily and awake refreshed.

One on One Coaching

"There is no downside to being healthy and strong!".

What is a Personal Training Coach?

A Personal Training Coach is a health and fitness professional who is hired for private instruction. A personal training coach will help clients develop and maintain a level of physical condition by designing a specialized, individual exercise routine for their needs. The emphasis on personal training should come from the coaches understanding of what works best for their client and an understanding of human movement. It is not just about pushing someone hard, but more about working out at an effective level to achieve their goals. A few people need only one session to get them on the right track, ensure their program is balanced, and answer their questions. Others prefer to work with a training coach for several months to get in the habit of exercise and to see actual results. And still, others prefer to work with a trainer indefinitely because they feel that they will get better results and have more fun working with a coach than working alone. Personal training is fast moving away from the image of having a trainer standing next to the athlete shouting at them to work faster or harder, without consideration of the wealth of variables that can be tweaked to ensure great results.

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Here are just a few of the benefits of Personal Training

Improves Core Strength

Increases Resting Metabolism

Improves Body Image and Self-esteem

Promotes Joint Stability

Improves Posture

Decreases Body Fat

Improves Cholesterol

Strengthens Bones

Improves Heart Efficiency

Increased Energy

Increases Muscle Mass

Assists in Stress Management

Reduces High Blood Pressure

Improves Back Strength

Increases Resting Metabolism


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Our mission and passion is to help people reach their individual health goals, whether it is to lose weight, just get fitter, prepare for a sporting event, recover from an injury, etc.

Having good health is the most important thing because you cannot enjoy life without it!

About Us

Richard Insley PTS, HWL, OAS

I have always had an interest in sports and fitness, and was an active gym member for over 10 years in England, attending various fitness and exercise classes.

I am certified with canfitpro here in Canada as a Personal Trainer Specialist (PTS), Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach (HWL) and an Older Adult Specialist (OAS).

Karen Insley CMTA, FIS, HWL

An Award Winning Professional; nominated in 2011 for the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards; she took home the Contribution to the Community Award; rewarding her for her health and fitness work with Cancer patients and with parents/teachers of children with special needs and autism. Cancer Coach with the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada. Healthy Eating and a Weight Loss Coach (HWL). Public Speaker; Published Writer; College Presenter & Educator. Advanced Metabolic Typing Adviser. Certificate in Body Image & Eating Disorders. Certified canfitpro Group Fitness Instructor.

richard and Karen insley

Fee and Packages

Single Session Rates

Prices start from $57.50+GST/1-hour session (in home or gym)

Multi Session Packages

Sessions can be purchased on any multiple - 20 session packages come with 1 free session (21 for the price of 20)

*Receive a 5% discount by purchasing sessions in multiples of 5 or more*

Sessions are priced differently for individuals, couples and 2 or more friends who are sharing the session. Please Contact Us to receive more details

Payment Terms

Individual session fees are payable in cash or cheque at the time of your session.

Fees for multiple sessions or 20 session packages are payable at the first session by e-Transfer, cash, cheque or credit card (Visa or Mastercard).

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